Server Solutions

Robust Server-side development

Client-server technology is the core for all services provided over the Internet.

Most mobile Apps and embedded clients do not work in "isolation" but require interaction with external systems, be it for interactivity among users, data storage or data processing and monitoring.

At Spinlogic, we have designed and developed countless server-side solutions that work with multiple types of clients, be it mobile Apps, Web Apps, Web pages or clients embedded in specialised hardware. Server solutions built on diverse frameworks (PHP, Node js, Rails, Django, etc), that integrate various types of databases (SQL and NoSQL) and that interact with diverse 3rd party services (payment platforms, push services, etc.).

Whether you want a solution that runs on your own servers, or one that runs on a scalable cloud service, you can rely on us to develop it, roll it out and maintain it for you.
And if you are not sure on which server solution better meets your needs, we will happily guide you to make the optimal selection taking into account your budget, requirements and growth forecast of the service.

Server side is the most critical part in client-server solutions. Poor planning in the initial design and development of a proper server solution will cost you a lot in the long term. That's why you want to choose the best team for this task. That's why you should consider Spinlogic.

Expertise :

  • OSs : Linux and Windows Server

  • Frameworks : PHP (Zen, Synphony, etc.), Rails, Node js (ExpressJS, Strongloop, etc.), Django

  • Cloud computing (PaaS): Amazon AWS, Microsot Azure, Google App Engine. Others upon specific request.

  • Cloud computing (IaaS): Amazon EC2 and Google Compute Engine. Others upon specific request.

  • Dept. Head : Víctor Blasco

  • Experience : 10+ years