Mobile Apps

Apps on all major mobile operating systems

Most members of our mobile apps teams have been developing on mobile phones since the “stone age” of smartphones with Symbian S60 2nd edition. Over the years we have developed solutions in native Symbian, J2ME, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Apple's iOS and Android, for smartphones and tablets. There are no secrets for us in App development. If it can be done, we know how to do it!

Currently, we are mostly focused on iOS and Android, which are the main stream OS's covering 90+% of today's smartphones and tablets universe. However, a few projects still require, or even focus, on Blackberry or Windows Mobile.

We can provide a full package solution, including design, development and testing, or get involved just on specific tasks within a project.

We have worked in a broad spectrum of Apps, from games that are available in AppStore and Google Play, to mission critical apps that are built-in in specific handset models and that are protecting gender violence victims in countries such as Spain and UK.

Our development and testing methods cover a wide range of mobile devices and OS versions, to make sure that your App reaches as many people as possible.

With Android, we can also work on customized FW builds required by projects that have a very specific targets, such as very high security levels.

Spinlogic is member of the Apple Developer Enterprise Program and the Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program (SEAP), which gives us access to App distribution via Apple's and Samsung's business channels as well as access to special functionality available only via partner's API's.

We can help you streamline the complete mobile App cycle, from concept to final distribution. In addition to development and testing, we offer top grade App quality monitoring that ensures prompt bug fixing and adaptation to new OS releases. We can also manage the release of upgrades over the various distribution channels on your behalf, be them global stores or specialised business channels.

Focus on your business and let Spinlogic take care of technical issues and distribution of your mobile Apps!

Expertise :

  • OS's : iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and WEB Apps.

  • Devices : Smartphones and tablets.

  • Dept. Head : Víctor Blasco

  • Experience : 10+ years

Professional Memberships :