Embedded Software Development

Software development for embedded systems

Embedded systems are the core of Internet Of Things (IoT), an area with exponential growth that will continue for years to come.
We have been involved in embedded software development since our foundation in 2009, working with specialized microcontrollers and with more sophisticated Linux based system. Our longest running project in this area is the programming of the Linux boxes that act as client in the “Music Thread” service of Telefónica in Spain. Our client for this project is Pisa Electrónica, who imports and maintains the actual HW for Telefónica.
We have also participated in the development, integration and testing of software for 4G mobile Systems On Chip (SoC) solutions and for mobile platforms.
Most of the programming of these systems is done in C. Some routines have to be implemented directly in assembler, and we use python and other languages to implement various tools and processes.
We can definitely help you bring quickly to the market your next IoT or specialised custom product.
If you need a full design, including HW and SW, we can help you select a HW partner. We do not develop HW in house, but we collaborate with several companies specialised in HW design and manufacturing, and we can manage the whole project for you.

Expertise :

  • OS: Linux

  • Main langs: C, Java, Python, shell scripting

  • Dept. Head: Carlos Royo

  • Experience: 10+ years