About Us

Who we are

Spinlogic is an established company specialised in software development for mobile phones, embedded systems and servers.

Spinlogic is a private limited company established in 2009 under Spanish law, with tax number B02495703.

We are experts in the development of multi-platform mobile applications, server solutions and software development for embedded systems based on Linux, and have developed solutions for various industries, from health to banking to games.

We work hand by hand with our customers, large and small, to guarantee timely delivery. In major projects, our engineers will work part or full time on customer premises to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

We are members of all the relevant development programs, including enterprise and business programs, so we can help you design the proper distributions model for your solution on different mobile platforms.

The Team

Programming is our pasion since childhood. Some of us have been involved with computers since the days of Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum, and we are still loving it.



CEO and head of Mobile App and Server development.


Head of Embedded SW development.


Systems and development consultant.

Our Clients

We have work with many companies, organisations and individuals over the years, helping them develop innovative products and improve their service portfolio and the quality of the service that they to their customers.