Apps, IoT, cloud
    Define the solution and select the platforms
    and we will develop it for you.

Experts in software development

We accompany you during the whole process, from early defintion, programming, testing and verification, rollout, bug fixing, updates, market adaptations to end-of-life.

Mobile Apps

We work on all mobile OSs, with special focus on Android and iOS. We are members of the Apple Enterprise program.

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Embedded Systems

Development of realtime and mission critical software for embedded systems, with special focus on Linux based systems.

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Server Software

Linux and Windows Server development for mobile Apps and embedded software clients.
Integration with cloud services.

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Key points to select Spinlogic for your projects

Whether you are looking for help on a one-time project or for a long term technical partner, these are the reasons why you should consider talking to us.

  • Experience

    We are experts in software development. Coding is our passion and each one of our core programmers has more than 10 years of experience in programming for different systems and industries.

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    expert software developers
  • Multi-Platform

    Over the years we have worked with practically all major mobile platforms in the market and we are members of all relevant platform programs, including enterprise ones. There is no better partner to bring your idea to the market.

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    multi-platform development
  • We are Agile

    The process of creation requires flexibility to adapt to changing markets trends and tastes.
    We use a scrum-type approach to become part of your team and help you build and maintain your great products.

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    Agile Development
  • Lifecycle management

    Products and services evolve over time and require updates, bug fixes and various types of adapdations. We will always be there for you to help keep your product in the top and adapt it to new markets. From its release to its eventual end-of-life.

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    Lifecycle management
  • Flexible business options

    Our vision is that development cost should not be a show stopper to bring a great idea to the market. For this reason, we are very open to different business proposals from our clients. From a pure turnkey project to a full partnership.

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    Business options
  • First class support

    We are a well established company that is always there to respond to your support needs. All our work is subject to a contractual level of support, and lack of support will definitely not be a problem for your project. Contact us if you want actual references.

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